Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Poetry Review: 27, With A White Lighter

Happy Hump Day! This post is a review on Jennifer Juan's fifth poetry collection, 27, With a White Lighter.

The collection will be available on 3rd December 2018 and I was asked to review an ARC copy of the collection. Read on to see what my opinion is!


Jennifer Juan returns to share her early onset midlife crisis with her fifth major poetry collection, 27, With a White Lighter. A reflection of her life so far, and what the future holds. In her darkest volume yet, Juan muses over romance, the meaning of life,drug culture, sexuality, Brexit and so much more.


I was a little confused about what some of these poems were inferring, but one of my favourites from the collection was Rollercoaster. It's about being at a fairground at night with her partner and wanting everything and everyone to fall away so she could spend time alone with him, forever.

I thought that the use of metaphors were very unique and effective and some of the language was particularly interesting. One of the weirdest poems involved a talking cat going on Spain's Got Talent. It was quite funny.

I thought that these poems were well thought out and are relatable to a lot of people going through heartbreak or uneasiness about the future. Mixed with photos of Jennifer and her partner, this will make an eye catching paperback. One thing that draws me to poetry books are illustrations and pictures.

If you like political poems about Brexit and stories of heartbreak, then this is the book for you. It's fairly quick to read as well. I hope everyone buying this book in December will enjoy it!

Until next time, love Vee x